Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cloth Drying Stands In India By Apple Style Homes

As compared to old days, when people used to dry clothes on nylon ropes outside, people are now much more cautious about the same. Believe it or not, families across the world are opting for stands that can be used indoor. If you happen to live in India, you definitely understand that families buy cloth drying stands in Delhi or any other city has become very essential.
Washing clothes and doing laundry is a routinely task. Sometimes, you have got to wash a bunch of essential daily wear clothes and sometimes you have got to do piles of laundry. Either ways, a family does this task on an average of every second day in a week. With busy schedules and consciousness to keep the clothes safe, a family should switch to using cloth drying stands that can be kept inside the house.
Apple Style Homes offers a wide range of household products such as laundry bags, ladders, iron boards and cloth drying stands in India. They offer an array of stands in different designs that can fit in any family’s requirements. They are the leading manufacturers of common products, which are specifically designed for Indian households.
Let’s have a look at the basic types of stands offered by them:
4 Way Dryer
This is a basic 4 way dryer with x-wing design. These wings have total 26 drying rods that can hold a load of 18 kg at a time. These wings can be adjusted accordingly.
6 Way Dryer
This is an upgraded dryer that also has 26 drying rods, but instead it covers 50 ft. of drying areas. It has a 3 level design and the stand can be folded to save space when not I use.
Big Boss Dryer
This dryer is hybrid and most suitable for heavy clothes that require extra careful drying. When not in use, this dryer can be folded flat to save space. It is perfect to use during winters.
Jumbo Dryer
This dryer has a very sleep and compact design. Despite this, the stand is excellent for family laundry where you can dry large clothes, hang shirts on the slots provided an when you don’t need it, you can fold it away.
Besides these basic stands, Apple Style Homes also offers other cloth drying stands in India. They have something to offer for families of all size! So, what do you use to dry your family’s clothes?

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