Friday, 10 July 2015

Advantage of using platform step ladder at home

Nowadays, platform step ladders are getting frequently used in every household. To suffice the needs of every home, there are many kinds of ladders available that are not meant for commercial or industrial use. These are not only designed specifically for home use, but these are extremely safe and helpful in reaching standard height places indoors.

Platform step ladders are precisely very helpful for home purpose. The reason behind it is that this kind of ladder is designed and manufactured with a rail guard and a platform on the top level. This ensures the safety as well as a platform to stand on. The platform in this type of ladder is usually broad enough for a person to step up and stand on it for quite a while, while doing the chore. Hence, it is perfectly suitable to be used for home chores such as maintenance, cleaning, repairs etc.

Ladders with a platform also are designed to lessen the chances of slipping or tumbling because of imbalance. The platform allows the climber to stand freely as the ladder bears its weight. In such a case, the climber can work using both the hands, while standing with no fear on the platform step ladder. Moreover, the ladder has enough steps in it that it can be used easily to reach the average heights.

Let’s sum up the advantages of using a platform step ladder over the old ladder:

·        It is easily foldable and can be kept anywhere in the home as it doesn't occupy a lot of space while in storage.

·        It also has easy style of steps that not only close shut when the ladder is folded, but also has enough width to act as a comfortable step for the climber.
·        The anti-skid design surface on the bottom of the ladder ensures the safety of the climber. The ladder will not skid on itself.
·        It also has an extended guard rail or handrail that proves really helpful while climbing the step. Moreover, the climber can lean on this handrail and work with both hands without any fear of falling.
·        The sturdy design and high-quality aluminum confirms the durability, comfort and safety of the climber, making the platform step ladder an ideal option to be used at home. 

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